Our Commitment

Sustainability is a key consideration for us in all we do. That is one reason our employees are proud to work for Lonza, a Swiss company that has been successful for more than 120 years. Evolving from a producer of electricity and carbide products into a leading provider for medicines and consumer goods, Lonza has a long-standing commitment to safety and sustainability.

Today sustainability is a critical part of Lonza’s economic success, and we take our social and environmental responsibility seriously.

2020欧洲杯体育官方网址We believe we can create value for society by innovating science-based solutions to develop the medicines and consumer products of tomorrow.

2020欧洲杯体育官方网址Our people are the cornerstone of our business, so we want all our employees to grow and develop professionally at a sustainable pace. We provide them with safe workplaces, care for their well-being and foster their involvement in creating a positive working environment.

2020欧洲杯体育官方网址As a baseline for whatever we do, we ensure that regulatory compliance, integrity and ethical conduct are the foundations in every place we operate. More than five years ago, we took a step up to operate even more safely and sustainably by announcing our Vision Zero, the aspiration to work without incidents and reduce emissions, water consumption and waste. This program has led to a remarkable reduction in incidents and increased efficiency.

We continue to improve our environmental footprint by continually reducing energy, water and material demand per unit. With a long-term view to 2030, we want to reduce consumption considerably to align with the broadly accepted CO22020欧洲杯体育官方网址 reduction targets.

Sustainability Report

2020欧洲杯体育官方网址To learn more about Lonza’s approach to sustainability, see the Sustainability Report 2019.

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Standards and Transparency
Our policies and standards ensure that our EHS and ethical principles are applied along the value chain
Product Stewardship
The safe handling, use and transportation of our products lie in the hand of competent specialists
Risk Management
Risk management and risk prevention are continuously pursued in our comprehensive risk management program